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Sunday, December 20, 2009

::Look Out Point::

Dear Readers,

Your's truly is now officially 18 and mind you I'm the last one in the batch of my friends!!! Although, I party way harder than any of them! :P Well, turning the not-so-big ONE EIGHT is funny. I mean, I am now a young adult and no more a mere child. :D Kudos to that! On the contrary, I now can official do things on my own without needing my parents! woot~~

Anyhoo, had a mini dinner gathering with some friends of mine and we headed up to Look Out Point which is situated up in Ampang Hills. We did not exactly knew the route there but we trusted my darling Hanz with the route and she lead us there smoothly! I mean she wasnt even sure about the route's herself. Thanks to her skills she got us there without once getting lost! Kudos Hanz darling!

So we parked the car down the hill because it was too steep for any of us to drive up there and we didnt want to take chances. We hiked up about for 4 minutes and reached the Look Out Point restaurant where is the initial plans of dinner there. The reason I stated initially was because they didnt had good sitting place for us and me being the diva me wanted to eat while having the gorgeous breath taking view with it. So darling Hanz mentioned about this new place up the tower and said it wasnt too bad but she wasnt too sure whether they have already open up that restaurant. Being a bit Kiasu, I asked Hanz to check it out with me and we hiked up for another 2 minutes. And to our pleasure or rather mine, lol it was opened and the had good sitting areas. Not to mention the food pricing isnt too expensive. So we decided to bring the rest up to the tower. Oh its called Restaurant Panaroma. It has a very hawaiian feeling at the archway heading up. And so we got settled.

And so, while waiting for the second batch of friends up we were told that the seat we're in are actually reserved. I was actually pist but before I could even blink my eyes, the waiter told us that he had arranged a better place just for us and I was like good! LOL. He indeed arranged us for the highest floor up at the tower and barricaded the place just for us! :D I felt so happy! I seriously should have gone " You rock waiter!" haha. But I didnt of course.

What more can I ask for my birthday (actually a lot more), but the company of great friends, the breathtaking view and the not-too bad food! It was a great birthday dinner for me this year. I wanna thank all of you who made it happened yesterday and HUGE HUGS!!

P/S : Oh and not forgetting you of course. Thanks for meeting me eventhough it was just for 10 minutes but that 10 minites worth everything to me! I wanted to spend more time and do more things with you but time didnt permit it. *sigh* How I wish you were here right now driving me away in your car and to a beautiful place out there! I Heart You!

**Note: Due to the overwhelming dinner yesterday, I forgot to grab pictures with my phone. The pics are with the rest and on facebook. So sorry for not having the pictures up here..:P

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

::Oh Santa/ Santarina::

One more thing I forgot..

5. Nikon Dslr D5000...:D

Perfect to capture picture perfect moments..:D

::All I want for Christmas is you...::

Dear Santa/ Santarina,
I'm writing to ask you for something nice as I've been a very good boy all this year. Although there are times where things are wrong somewhere. But other than all those drama's, I've been doing a lot of good things. :D

1. Sony Ericsson Satio

2. I need a new pairs of earphone's/ headphone's for my Ipod and my phone...:( Mine broke

3. The Burberry Beat fragrance. I would absolutely adore you for giving me Santa/ Santarina..:D
4. A few new PSP games. Seriously I'm bored with the only two games I have already which is Tekken 5 the dark ressurection and Xiao Lin Showdown..Something new would be nice..><

I hope that you sir/ madam would grant me my wishes and make me a happy boy like he just got his first lollipop. :)



Tuesday, December 15, 2009

::Je veux ton amour..::

Everytime I get your call, I feel excited.
I felt like as though there is nothing else in the world that mattered at the moment but speaking to you.
I think its sweet that you call just to disturb me.
Although you can annoy the sHit outta me but I enjoy talking with you on phone.
Arguing with you over the phone over silly little things makes me laugh and I know how hard you try to win over the arguements. lol.
The way you complain about things really make you sound like a very spoiled brat but its funny.
The way you sulk if I make things sound better and trying to get me to persuade you again.
I don't know about you but I feel like me around you.
My heart skips a beat everytime you call me.
And my family will be like 'Is that your new person?'
I'll just ignore and say can't a friend call me on my phone?
When I am pist, you told me to chill.
Oh how, I wish you were right here beside me to give me the will to do so.
Remember the first time when you call me?
I had a major arguement at home and you had to listen to me argue while talking to me on the phone? Lol.
I was so embarrased because I was afraid that I'd gave you the wrong impression on me.
But yet you was just so cool about it and persuaded me to be calm and chill.
I remembered how we chatted over the phone for so long I swear I was worrying about your credit until I found out you were on postpaid.
You always tell me about your car and how you want it to be.
I really would love to see that car and also be riding with only you in it.
Oh and how diva you can really be about things around you.
I'll just tell you "Its ok. Be fashionably late nor diva"
I think even without meeting you I've already fallen for you. :D
8 days and counting to SINGAPORE!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

::Quick update:

well, i was supposed to be starting a blogshop to help my financial aids..but im kinda busy lately..and i have been through a lot of shit..so yea...will update more soon..on the other hand, 10 more days!!!excited much?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Life is never easy nor is never hard.
Life is never upsetting nor its ever pleasing.
Life like always is always full of surprises.
One can expect something in life but can't tell the future about it.
But ONE can always choose the direction they want in life.
It may not be promising, but at least you knew what you wanted to do and you did it willingly and happily.
But whatever happens, always believe in yourself even if others do not.
~take a walk under the moonlight and serenade the stars with me~
14 Days and counting!! - Singapore!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

::wild imagination::

I don't know about you, but when I'm with you I feel so secure, so loved for, so cared for. Maybe I'm just thinking to much or maybe not. I feel so empty when you are not here. I feel so insecure. Oh my Romeo, when will you be back to make me feel like that again?
On the other hand, its only 16 days away!!! The official 4 of us are heading down south to Singapore!!! WOOT~ Its gonna be hell of a party! So watch out Singapore, because the dynamic quattro are coming down to town and rock your shoes off!
16 days and counting!! - Singapore!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

::fragments of my memory::

Met up with Allan today @ Pavillion. Haven't seen him for more than 3 weeks. Had Pizza Hut for late lunch. Catched up a bit here and there. I swear everyone was laughing at me because I was laughing my arse off with the things we exchanged. LMAO.

After that we went shisha-ing at Carlos. Its uber uber nice. Then I was thinking that I should ring Michelle Lee to inform her I had this month issue of FHM. She was like "OMGo!!!are you serious ar?". Me going like "duhh". lol. Oh btw, if you didn't know, Michelle Lee is in the running for FHM Girl Next Door 2009. So don't forget to vote for her aye? Just text (GND10 02) to (32888).

Anyhow, I was told that my Godparent's was in Pavillion. I was like omg!!! LOL. So, I gave a ring to my God sis and she said she just arrived. So I met them at the food court for dinner. They were in Pavillion because of the World Cup Launch outside Pavillion according to "dad". So we walked around, stopping by to watch the PUMA fashion show. And I was like shit!!! I wanna be there!! LOL. Hot models! And then we went to be the earliest 300 people to get a goodie back from Adidas for the World Cup Launch. :D

I went home after that because the official launch was at 1AM!!! LOL. It was a pretty awesome day for me. :D

18 Days and Counting!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

::dance me to the moon::

Dancing. When that comes in my body, I feel like everything is just to be. Like there is nothing else in the world that matter anymore. When those feet of mine steps, when those body of mine sways, I feel like I'm flying. But lately, I'm doubting myself. I'm not profesionally train nor am I techniquely trained. But yet, I wanna dance my heart out there. I want to be able to show people what I do and connect with people not through language but through the expressions of my dance. But can I do it? I don't know. I lost my confidence. I realized that its easier said then done. sigh....

::Letting go isn't easy::

The touch of your warm hands, your tight embrace, your reassuring presence and your unique humour is running through my head like it was just yesterday. How can I forget you?
On the other hand,
21 day and counting - SINGAPORE!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

::Lost in time::

OMFG!!! I haven't been in here for god knows how long. lol. Well, nothing much had been happening since I last resigned. Been to a few interesting places and stuff. I know I was supposed to update all those places I've been to but I guess I was to lazy to do it. lol.

Well, last Saturday I was at Kuala Gandah, Pahang visitting the elephant's conservation centre. It was fun and a little escape from the city was nice. We got to see a few full grown elephants and about 3 baby elephant. They were so adorable I tell you. lol.

Anyhow, I am so excited for SINGAPORE which is in like 22 days away!!! And guess what?? I havent got my passport renewed!! :P WIll get it down this week. Lol.



Friday, November 20, 2009


yeap.....just as my title states..thats what I am doing at home..I was being backed out by a few friends...*no names mentioned here*...sad...

Monday, November 16, 2009

::FLY FM 4th FLYNIVESSARY Presented by MAGNUM Corporation::

14 November 2009, Central Park Avenue, One Utama - Witnessed the most exhilarating of the year. This year's Fly Fm 4th Flynivessary was all about the music, local acts, food and drinks and not to mention getting wet! I want to give a big thanks to Sanjay's awesome dad for fetching us to 1 Utama and fetching me back home after that. What would I do without you.

Anyway, the whole thing started when I got those VIP tickets from Steve to the event. I was like OMG!Are you for real? And then, I kept trembling and shaking and my mind was absolutely out of focus. LOL. Anyhoo, we reached there about 1 something in the noon. Wanted to catch a movie but the tickets were sold out and so all hungry and all, we decided to go look for food!:D

And so while deciding what to have, Sanjay came up with an idea to have Nando's. Being so sick of chicken (had Kenny Roger's on the day before for lunch), I suggested Dave's Deli. And so the arguement for food came to a halt after agree-ing for sushi (which I had it for dinner the night before as well). But being a sushi lover, I agreed. I pratically could memorized the menu that I wanted. lol.

After all that, we headed to the registration counter for the VIP invites @ about 3.45pm. Got the tickets and hanged out for the outdoor live broadcast for Fly FM. It was awesome because we managed to catch a few local acts before they hit the stage. Met Bittersweet, Joe Flizzow and the Fly FM DJ's including Premo Supremo, Adam Boy, Ben and the troppers like Vick and also others. The only thing that was bad about that day was it was raining. Thank GOD to VIP Tent or we'll be drench in the rain as well.

The concert kicked off with a duo band called Couple. They were a good start for the event. And despite the rain over 30,000 people turned up and partied in the rain. Everyone except the VVIP's and the VIP's of course was soaked to their bones.

I would love to continue this post but I am currently not at my own residence or comfort to do so. Will continue when I get back! Stay tune!=D

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

::End of the road::

Sometimes, I really wish I wasn't born this way. Or even born to this family. But I can't change what has happened and I definitely can't fight fate. I've always envied most of my friends and other people because they have such nice family and they get what they want. As for me, my parents divorced when I was 2 perhaps? I can't even remember. I was brought up by my stepfather who I originally thought was my dad until the age of 6. I was then brought back to the hands of my grandparents who took care of me. They sent me to a very decent family to live with.

Now whenever I think or look back to my past, I am very grateful that I was brought up with this foster family. Anyway, back to the top. I was being brought up with this foster family of mine who took me as their son. I later found out about my biological father when I was 8. Since then I loathed him so damn much! I was brought up being fully aware that my grnadmother was the one who was financially supporting me in every aspect. Not a single penny from my dad nor my mum. So as I grew, I turned to be more mature thinking at a very young age.

Now I suffer from whatever they did. I am financially unstable. That is why I havent started college. I may act like I have it all but reality is that I dont. That was why I came out to work saying that I want to gain experience. Well all that aside now. I am gonna start looking around for college and sponsors soon. So pray hard for me.

Signing off now..

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Is this how I'm suppose to feel?
Was this how I wanted it to be?
Am I on the right track?
It surely doesnt seem like the first time..
Maybe I'm thinking to much..
Maybe I'm not..
Maybe I'm just some f*cked up kid..
Why is this happening to me again?
Maybe this will be the end?
Maybe it will continue?
I really don't know how to do this anymore...
I'm Sorry...
~le siento mi amore~

Saturday, November 7, 2009

::Thinking of you::

Cause when I'm with him I am thinking of you..
What will you do, If
You were the one who was spending the night
I wish I was looking into your eyes...

Monday, November 2, 2009

::I put a spell on you...and now you're mine::

Hey there peeps.. Extremely sorry that I've been away for a very very very long time.. Its all due to my laptop crashing and also the bloody streamyx line which was quite f*cked up! Anyways, just bear with me for a little longer until I get things fix. Happy Halloween!! And thanks guys! I love you all!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

::A journey to a fresh start Prt 3::

Hey there people. Sorry for the long silence. Had been very busy lately. That is why there was no updates. Not only that, my well so nice internet had decided to become a b*tch..lol..Well, enough trash talk because Im'ma finish the post! (LOL)

**21st September 2009 - Monday**

- The big day for the family arrives. We were up there finishing the last touch for the decoration and also the table arrangements. We somehow turned a malay wedding into a nice little garden wedding. (lol) except that for this garden wedding its on a tar road instead. I was basicly conducting the feast. I served food to the main VIP table which is the newly weds and their family. lol. It was a honor. Well that evening, we were back to Malacca thanks to Thomas who took the courtesy to fetch us from Muar to Malacca. Thanks again Thomas. He took us to Arena in Malacca to club. It was not that bad la I think. But very lifeless tho. Unlike clubs in KL city which is always rocking the dance floor in Malacca they just move on their spot. Then it was back to the Malacca house.


**22nd September 2009 - Tuesday**

- Woke up in time for brunch. Went looking around for laundry services after brunch but couldn't find any so decided to handwash our own clothes. I did the washing and he did the drying. cleaned up the house a little before heading out. Had lunch at Jonker street. Was so satisfied I had nonya food. It was so good. Went for a movie at Dataran Pahlawan. Watched G-Force. Had dinner. Met Lucas at the Eleven Bistro for a couple of drinks which turn out that I started a party. LOL. Headed home that night thanks to Lucas who was so kind to send us home.

Thats for now...till next time..

Friday, October 2, 2009

::A journey to a fresh start Prt. 2::

Well, as I've promised you guys. I'm back to continue from the last entry. =D Sorry for the late updates. The internet lines was quite fucked up these two days. Maybe it was because of the earthquake down here in KL. Okay. Before moving on with the vacation post lemme update you guys on what happened on Wednesday evening around 6.20 PM. Below are extractions from thestar news online.

Quake in Sumatra, tremors in Malaysia (Update 8)

PETALING JAYA: A powerful earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale struck off the city of Padang off the coast of southern Sumatra at about 6.17pm on Wednesday, killing at least 21 people, trapping thousands of others and causing tremors as far away as peninsular Malaysia and Singapore.

The earthquake which damaged houses, brought down bridges and buildings and caused fires in Padang, also caused people to evacuate buildings in various towns and cities in Malaysia.

The epicentre of the quake was about 481km southwest of Kuala Lumpur.

At 6.38pm, a temblor measuring 5.5 in magnitude was also recorded 11km north of Padang.

So far, there has been no report of the 300 Malaysian students at Andalas University in Padang being affected by the massive earthquake.

Malaysian Consul-General Fauzi Omar told The Star that he has contacted the Sumatra Barat tourism chief and was told that there is no report of any Malaysians being hurt.

“Well at least the tourism chief’s handset is still working. I have been told the Minangkabau airport in Padang is closed.

“I am trying to leave for Padang tonight. It is a one-hour flight and by road it will take at least one day because of the bad road condition,” Fauzi said.

The Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta is despatching a team to Padang in Sumatra to assist the Consul-General in Medan in checking on the students.

Padang was hardest hit by the earthquake.

“We are sending a team as soon as possible and our Consul-General in Pekan Baru will also be despatched to help,” said Malaysian embassy charge d’affaires Amran Mohamad Zain.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre first issued a tsunami alert for Malaysia (George Town and Port Dickson specifically), Indonesia, India and Thailand, but cancelled it at about 7.31pm.

The Malaysian Meteorological Department monitored the situation from the outset, but did not issue a tsunami warning because no significant waves were generated.

In the JayaOne complex here, reports came in of shaking furniture and swaying fixtures.

In KUALA LUMPUR, Mariam Anis and her colleagues on their 21st-floor office in Plaza Sentral in Jalan Sultan Ismail felt the tremors.

“The tremors were strong and I could feel the building shaking. My colleagues and I did not waste another second and ran towards the emergency stairways to make our way down from the 21st floor.

“It was rather scary,” she said.

Tremors were also felt in the federal administrative capital of PUTRAJAYA. Mohd Kamel Othman, press secretary to Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop, was in his office at the Prime Minister’s Department when he felt the tremors.

“I could literally see the building moving from left to right. Even the flowerpots were shaking. I immediately rallied my colleagues to leave the building.

“My minister also came out of his office as he too could feel the tremors,” he said, adding while he had experienced tremors before, the ones which on Wednesday were stronger.

In GEORGE TOWN, people rushed out of several high-rise buildings in Macallum Street, Tanjung Bungah, Tanjung Tokong, Gurney Drive and the inner city of George Town.

Student C.Y. Khoo, 18, said she decided to walk out from the cinema in Gurney Plaza with her friends after she felt the tremors.

“I feared for my safety. My friends and I decided to get out from the cinema although we like the movie very much,” she said.

A Golden Screen Cinema spokesman said a tremor was felt at about 6.20pm for about 25 seconds.

“Some moviegoers walked out of the cinema but ... generally, the situation was not that serious,” he said.

Penang police chief Deputy Comm Wira Ayub Yaakob said policemen were deployed to monitor the situation.

“My men were on the look-out and would have moved in to help if the need arose,” he said.

Marine Operations Force Region I commander Asst Comm Zainul Abidin Hasan said all his men, both at the base and on patrol, were put on standby.

State secretary Datuk Zainal Rahim Seman said Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng was concerned about the initial tsunami alert.

“The state directed all relevant departments such as the police to be on standby,” he said.

A State Fire and Rescue Department spokesman said they received numerous calls from anxious residents enquiring about the tremors.

However, there were no reports of any injuries or of anybody trapped in lifts or buildings.

In JOHOR BARU, many people rushed out of buildings and the new Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) complex halted operations abruptly and was evacuated for about 40mins.

This caused massive congestion as thousands of motorists were returning from Singapore after office hours.

Fire and Rescue Department personnel were called in to check the building before operations resumed.

The lanes were later reopened and traffic policemen deployed to control traffic at the complex.

Assistant administrative worker Wong Hook Tuck, 52, who was at his office at level six of Menara Plaza Pelangi, described the tremors as bad.

“The tremors started at around 6.15pm and lasted for about five minutes.

“I felt very dizzy and all my colleagues and I started to evacuate the building as the fire alarm had gone off,” he said.

He said he was in shock and had thought that there was an earthquake in Malaysia.

In Taman Ehsan Jaya, administrative executive Surinder Kaur said she was shocked when the people in her apartment building started running downstairs, saying that there was an earthquake.

“I stay on the second floor and I didn’t feel anything, but my neighbours warned me about the tremors and told me to quickly evacuate,” she said.

She said one of her neighbours was having his dinner at the time and the whole table started to shake, spilling the soup he was eating.

“All of the residents quickly assembled at the ground floor; the tremors lasted for about four minutes,” she said.

In SINGAPORE, residents from Toa Payoh, Woodlands, Bukit Timah, Simei and Kembangan in the eastern part, reported tremors shaking their buildings, The Straits Times reported.

A spokesman from National Environment Agency said it received calls from members of the public from Red Hill, Choa Chu Kang, Changi, Toa Payoh, the city area, Punggol, Sengkang, Sembawang and Pasir Ris.

Kee Ya Ting of Woodlands said she thought her flat was going to collapse.

“I was scared. I live on the 12th floor. I was sitting at my desk when the flat shook and I felt myself swaying from left to right. I thought my flat was going to collapse,” she told the paper.

In PADANG itself, the situation looked dire. Indonesian television reported that hundreds of buildings had collapsed and many people were feared trapped under the rubble.

Footage from Padang showed flattened buildings, with at least one person trapped underneath, a foot sticking out from beneath the debris, The Associated Press reported.

“The earthquake was very strong,” said Kasmiati, who lives on the coast near to the epicenter. “People ran to high ground. Houses and buildings were badly damaged.”

“I was outside, so I am safe, but my children at home were injured,” she said before her cellphone went dead.

The quake triggered a landslide that cut off land transport to the provincial town of Padang Pandang, which lies about 70km north of Padang, said a police officer in the town, who identified himself only as Riko. He said three cars were reportedly hit by the landslide.

Padang, a sprawling low-lying city of around 900,000, was badly hit by an 8.4 magnitude quake in September 2007, when dozens of people died and several large buildings collapsed, AP said.

Power in the city was reportedly cut and telecommunications networks were down or overloaded, making it difficult to get accurate information about the extent of the damage.

“Many buildings are badly damaged, including hotels and mosques,” said Wandono, an official at Meteorology and Geophysic Agency in the capital, Jakarta, citing reports from residents.

He said a steep, sloping riverbank collapsed, houses had toppled and a fire had broken out in buildings on the road to Padang.

Wednesday’s quake comes a day after a quake with a magnitude of between 8.0 and 8.3 in the South Pacific hurled a massive tsunami at the shores of Samoa and American Samoa, flattening villages and leaving at least 99 dead and dozens missing.

The epicenter of Wednesday’s temblor off Indonesia lies several thousand kilometres to the west, on the other side of Australia.

Danger ahead
Geologists have said Padang, which lies near the colliding Indo-Australian and Eurasian tectonic plates, is the most likely in the country to fall victim to the next major quake or tsunami, AFP reported.

“There will be aftershocks but it’s difficult to predict whether there will be a bigger quake,” Geological Disaster Mitigation and Volcanology Centre head Surono told AFP.

“There are three big volcanoes in West Sumatra -- Merapi, Talang and Tandikat. We fear that this quake might cause volcanic eruptions there,” he said.

Experts have said the city is most at risk from a final segment along the zone shifting to unleash a massive amount of energy.

The zone’s other segments have already cracked, including a large portion off Aceh, at the northern tip of Sumatra, which triggered the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami which killed more than 220,000 people.

Plans for evacuation shelters and improved roads to provide better escape routes from tsunami have mostly not been realised.

Indonesia sits on the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” where the meeting of continental plates causes high volcanic and seismic activity.

A quake on the main island of Java earlier this month killed 123 people.


So that was basically what happened. Now for my part of my experience. I was in my office while all this happen. 20 minutes before the tremor started, my colleagues and I was cam-whoring on our floor's balcony. After coming in to the building, I realised that I left my phone on my work desk. So with a quick reflex action I ran to my place and and grabbed my phone from the table and was seated properly on my place. My other colleague felt her work desk shaking and she thought it was me doing it. And being so, she turned and looked at me wanting to addressed me when she noticed I was seated properly on my seat. She was suspicious on what was moving the table. Therefore, she asked us if we felt anything. My other colleague said she feels a little dizzy. Just as she said that, A guy from the other side of the building ask if we felt the building shaking. That's when we came into sense and quickly evacuated our department and the whole floor. We took the stairs all the way down from six floor. The whole building was alerted and everyone was at a buzz down at the foot of the building. Some of us were being interviewed by reporters (my office department is separated from the main building, and the building we are in is a Chinese newspaper company known as the Oriental Daily). After like 40 minutes of waiting downstairs, some of us decided it was safe to go up and lock and shut off everything and packed our bags and back home. Anyways, enough of the tremors and lets move on to my post about the holidays. LMAO.


**20th September 2009 - Sunday**

- Woke up at 6 am because he woke up. But I fell back to sleep cause I don't have to wake up that early. He woke up early cause he had to go to the mosque to pray. I woke up again at 11 something AM. He was like so shocked I was still in bed because he came home and came in the room and see me sleeping nicely. He had to wake me up.(gee thanks a lot!). lol. After showering and all, had ketupat for breakfast with chicken kurma, beef curry, chicken curry, peanut sauce and coffee. It was so good. =D We were basicaly around and busy because his uncle's wedding was the second day of raya. So kinda like decorated the cake tables and all. It was pretty. And I was proud of what I did. Well, pics will be up after all this posting. =D I helped in wrapping the egg's into the bag and wrapping the door gifts. I also helped in wiping the plates and cups and yea, basically I was helping in the wedding. lol. It was so fun. Then the karaoke booth was set up and by night a lot of Malay songs was played. It was a nice night experience for me.

Alrighty. That's all for now. Am gonna hit the hay sack! =D nitey nitey!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

::A journey to a fresh start Prt. 1::

Well, I'm back!!!=D [after week's of disappearance]...

I was on vacation and had very little access to internet but I'm happy I'm back now... Well I'm gonna summarize my trip into a diary like post so here goes....=D

**17th September 2009 - Thursday**

- Took the bus down to Muar after work at 7.30pm to meet my new found love. Reached Muar bus station at around 10pm. His uncle was kind enough to come and fetch me. We went to his grandmother's place and stayed the night there. His relatives are all very friendly and kind. I was happy to meet all of them. We slept at 3am.

**18th September 2009 - Friday**

- Woke up at about 11am. The first thing I was looking for was my fag! Needed to smoke and I didn't know why. And then out of random we popped in his aunt's car and drove down to Tangkak to fetch his other aunt. At about 1pm, we decided to go to Muar town. Stopped by this small mall, had lunch and a sudden crazy idea hit in. We took the bus to Malacca and decided to stay there for the night. It was so random that we didn't even pack a few pieces of clothes to Malacca. So took the bus, and reached there at around 5 something 6pm. Stopped by this Indian cuisine restaurant called Selvam Banana Leave Restaurant. Had dinner there and then shot off to Jonker's street. We walked around purchasing a few souvenir and then stopped by a nice bar by the name 11 bistro at Jonker's. After a couple of drinks, went to his Malacca's holiday house at Bukit Serendith.

**19th September 2009 - Saturday**

- Woke up at about 12 something in the noon and went hunting for food. After brunch, had a little walk to St John's Hill. It was a new place to me (even after gazillion times in Malacca). It was a real good exercise and a good walk. Walked back to the house, cleaned up and then off we went to town again. Walked around and found nice places. Then that evening took the bus back to Muar. Reached Muar at around 7pm. Had dinner. And all the preparation for Raya began. I helped out in frying ground nuts to make the peanut sauce. And helped out in the kitchen. Went to bed at like 4 am and prepared for the next day of Raya.

Alright people. That's all for now. My head is to heavy to continue this post. Will continue the journal when I can. Till then, With all my love and hugs and kisses...*muacks*

~raspberry vodka~

p.s. I love you baby....mwa...

Monday, September 14, 2009

::You're my life now::

I am now caught in a mess between my current and my ex... It's just so frustrating to be in such situation just because the ex said somethings in his blog.. Seriously, I don't know what is going on in the ex's mind anymore.. I'm just confused...

But no matter what baby... I won't leave you hanging there alone...I've told you that you're the one for me now...

You are my life now... and I won't let you go..

~raspberry Vodka~

Sunday, September 13, 2009

::hush hush::

Today met the ex for lunch...Things went well...but a lot of things was disturbing me...I don't know..It kills me to know that he loves someone else and all..the idea of sharing a body so fine and fit and was there for me when I needed them was just disturbing..

Right now, all I need is just to meet him to get better...(referring to the current one)

~Raspberry Vodka~

Saturday, September 12, 2009


It hurts to know....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I'm going crazy without you..

Saturday, September 5, 2009

::Cheer Worlds 2009::

Hey y'all...I'm back!!!I know haven't been updating..hehe..=p...Anyhow, this post is going to be all for cheerleading! I'm not talking about normal cheerleading people...It's the Cheer World's 2009 competition this year!

First of all, this year's Cheer World's was brought to the next level... Seriously, it's one of the best... So I'm just gonna let the video do the talking!

::Cheer World's 09 Champions - California All Stars Senior Unlimited Coed::

:: 2nd place - Top Gun All Stars Senior Unlimited Coed::

::3rd place - Cheer Extreme All Stars Senior Unlimited::

Well this are only the top 3 for the senior all stars division competition. You can catch the other video's on youtube. =D

By the way, thursday practice was intense. 10 minutes of jogging, 30 push ups, 100 banana roll, 30 toe touches, 20 pikes, 30 basket tosses, 30 minutes of single basing, and a lot of flexibility work...

Anyway, till next time...

~raspberry vodka~

Monday, August 31, 2009

::Dare to dream upon the moon::

"LOVE is a four letter word which we hear quite often. Bur what does the word LOVE means? Love is described as an emotion or feelings a person have on a certain someone or something. Love can be express by anyone who has the feeling. There are lots of different type of love like love for your special ‘him’ or ‘her’, love towards your family( etc dad, mum, sis, bro and ….) or love you have for God, your country or even towards your teacher, your students, your boss, your employee and many more. Love doesn’t have a limit and anyone can have love. We as human were created to this world by God to love the world he created for us as he created us out of his love to us! Jesus Christ sacrificed his life for us humans because he loved us. Love is a powerful emotion and a very powerful action which can restore peace and serenity into this world. As quoted in the Bible ‘Love your enemy as you love me’.

But before we jump further do you know that love is also dangerous?! Love can be deceiving, it can also be threatening or even be deadly. Lots of life have been sacrifice because of LOVE! We have to struggle to lots of challenges to work some love out. We have to argue and fight over something because of love. It is never easy to show your love to a certain someone and it is never easy to be loved by someone."

written by
**raspberry vodka**

I know how it feels now...This almost seven months experience changed me a great deal.. I know you will be reading this and I ask for you to move on as you deserve a better guy. I'm sorry I hurt you so much and also I'm sorry I was not perfect... However, if you ever need a listening ear or crying shoulder you can always look for me..=) I will be there when you need me...=) Take care and I hope that even though we are no longer together I hope that we can still be friends... =)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

::Thunder - Boys Like Girls::


Today is a winding road
Thats taking me to places that I didn't want to go, whoa
Today in the blink of an eye
I'm holding on to something and I do not know why I tried

I tried to read between the lines
I tried to look in your eyes
I want a simple explanation; what I'm feeling inside
I gotta find a way out
Maybe there's a way out

Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer
Do you know you're unlike any other?
You'll always be my thunder, and I said
Your eyes are the brightest of all the colors
I don't wanna ever love another
You'll always be my thunder
So bring on the rain
And bring on the thunder

Today is a winding road
Tell me where to start and tell me something I don't know, whoa
Today I'm on my own
I cant move a muscle and I cant pick up the phone, I don't know

And now I'm itching for the tall grass
And longing for the breeze
I need to step outside, just to see if I can breathe
I gotta find a way out
Maybe there's a way out

Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer
Do you know you're unlike any other?
You'll always be my thunder, and I said
Your eyes are the brightest of all the colors
I don't wanna ever love another
You'll always be my thunder
So bring on the rain
And bring on the thunder

Yeah I'm walking on a tightrope
I'm wrapped up in vines
I think Ill make it out but you just gotta give me time
Strike me down with lightning
Let me feel you in my veins
I wanna let you know how much I feel your pain

Today is a winding road
That's taking me to places that I didn't want to go, whoa

Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer
Do you know you're unlike any other?
You'll always be my thunder, and I said
Your eyes are the brightest of all the colors
I don't wanna ever love another
You'll always be my thunder
So bring on the rain
And bring on the thunder

Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer
Do you know you're unlike any other?
You'll always be my thunder
So bring on the rain
Oh baby bring on the pain
And listen to the thunder

Friday, August 21, 2009


So I promised pics....here they are....

*Boys Like Girls - they were so kind to drop by the waiting line*

*The mosh pit and stage*
*The stage where everything is gonna happen*
*and so the first performance of the day started of with our local homeboys - Estranged!! [they rocked!] *

*and the VJ's - VJ Shaun and VJ Denise*

*VJ Taya and VJ Andy*

*VJ Shaun, Denise and Utt*
(dreamy sigh)
*Uh Oh Uh Oh - Pixie Lott!!!*

*Martin from Boys Like Girls*
(He was singing the song Thunder btw)

*Doug from Hoobastank*

*and the moment we all have been waiting for!!! - Tyson Ritter from The All American Rejects*
(Love this pic cause of the effect!)

*Tyson and Nick*

*Audrey, Kenny and Denise(some girl we met there) from exhaustion*
*Rufina and Emily*

*Kenny and Emily - Love my B*tch!*

*Kenny, Audrey and Kye Lin*

*Tickets thanks to SAM!!!!I love u!!!*

~raspberry vodka~


Hi guys...I know there havent been any updates for a long time..well...It is because that my internet connection was being such a b*tch!That was why...tried posting a lot of times but just couldnt...btw, I will be uploading pics from last sat MTV WORLD STAGE...sorry for being slow..=p

~raspberry vodka~

Friday, August 7, 2009

::Dream come true::

Well so I went for the intake for CHARM ALL STAR yesterday after work and it was great...we did alot of basing and flying...and also auditioned for the competing team...did toe touch and pikes and also single hand basing... which was a little hard.. But on the bright side I had fun... also watch this..we managed to pull 8 double twist cradle in just 30 minutes..so here r the vids... double twist cradle and another double twist cradle... aite...leaving now.nitey nitey...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

::Lenka's Showcase::

And so I was at Lenka's showcase today...it was not only awesome and all but I was made famous by the name of "Guy with the Blond Hair" by the Pagi Show duo Phat Fabes and Ben... Firstly, I wanna say thanks to Emily who brought me along to the showcase and Secondly thanks to Afroz for hooking us the ticket for the showcase... I have tons of picture to show you guys but kinda lazy to upload now...So I will just do it soon... So look out for them...

Till then...


Thursday, July 30, 2009

::Tribute to the late Yasmin Ahmad::

Well as mentioned at the headline you should know that our very own Malaysian celebrity the late Yasmin Ahmad just passed away as you all know... I found this short clipped which was directed by her which I felt that I need to share it with everyone as its very touching... SO here it is..

It takes one heart to change the whole world... May you rest in peace Yasmin Ahmad...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

::When I grow up::

Well today lunch with a colleague of mine and we decided to eat at a mamak...and guess what was on the menu??


*Stim chicken rice*

I was pratically trying to hold the laugh...
I've been consuming a lot of green tea this past two days...I really need to cut down on it...lol
And make more of these instead!!
*my milo mountain*

Anyways, just wanted to update on random stuff....lol....

Signing off with a pic of how i look to work...


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

::Nature Retreat::

I'm back updating my blog....its a yay for me....lol... Anyway, I'm bored to death for today... Work was not bad... We were down to 5 of us in our team as one of my colleague flew back to sarawak for a week for his holidays and its my Team Leader's Birthday today.... So from 7 people we were cut short to 5... So work wasnt all that bad.... Btw, I hope some fellow is not stalking me as I lost my access card when I was on my way to work yesterday... I was depressed at first caused i had my locker and drawer key attached to my card... And not to mention my drawer is the only supply of food I have whenever I'm hungry...and not to mention abt the amount of sweets and also my david cook CD!!! So yea.... Now on food constrain.... *sigh*..... Ok enough about work and all now....


Well it has been decided that me and my friend will be going for a nature getaway....So at another two weeks time we would be going to this place called serendah...well..I'll let the pics do the talking....

SIgning off from here...
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