Thursday, July 30, 2009

::Tribute to the late Yasmin Ahmad::

Well as mentioned at the headline you should know that our very own Malaysian celebrity the late Yasmin Ahmad just passed away as you all know... I found this short clipped which was directed by her which I felt that I need to share it with everyone as its very touching... SO here it is..

It takes one heart to change the whole world... May you rest in peace Yasmin Ahmad...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

::When I grow up::

Well today lunch with a colleague of mine and we decided to eat at a mamak...and guess what was on the menu??


*Stim chicken rice*

I was pratically trying to hold the laugh...
I've been consuming a lot of green tea this past two days...I really need to cut down on it...lol
And make more of these instead!!
*my milo mountain*

Anyways, just wanted to update on random stuff....lol....

Signing off with a pic of how i look to work...


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

::Nature Retreat::

I'm back updating my blog....its a yay for me....lol... Anyway, I'm bored to death for today... Work was not bad... We were down to 5 of us in our team as one of my colleague flew back to sarawak for a week for his holidays and its my Team Leader's Birthday today.... So from 7 people we were cut short to 5... So work wasnt all that bad.... Btw, I hope some fellow is not stalking me as I lost my access card when I was on my way to work yesterday... I was depressed at first caused i had my locker and drawer key attached to my card... And not to mention my drawer is the only supply of food I have whenever I'm hungry...and not to mention abt the amount of sweets and also my david cook CD!!! So yea.... Now on food constrain.... *sigh*..... Ok enough about work and all now....


Well it has been decided that me and my friend will be going for a nature getaway....So at another two weeks time we would be going to this place called serendah...well..I'll let the pics do the talking....

SIgning off from here...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

::A New Beginning::

Today was one of those days in my life where I will say is precious.. Well, I finally realized that I cant move on or do anything right without this special someone in my life(not mentioning who la).. Today I was woken up at 8 something by the someone by text..

19-07-2009 8:04am
I'm coming over at about 10 to pick u up. Tell mum u spending d day wit me..

I was a bit blurred by the statement...Well, let me tell you why.... For the past two days, I've been arguing with this "someone" and we came to a decision where we will think and not talk to each other until we think things out properly... It was more like taking a break from each other to figure some things out in life... So yea... That was why I was surprised but I said okay....
So as promised the "someone" came to picked me up at about 10 something in the morning... We went for breakfast near the church and talked a little... After that we went home and we was spending the day in the room talking and showing affection. That was when we both realized that we cant live without talking to each other or seeing each other.. So what happen was, we ended up strengthening our relationship...


Well now that aside, we went rock-climbing at this place called madmonkeyz climbing gym... It was really fun and not like any ordinary climbing place... check the link out.... Anyway, I bumped into my god bro who I haven't met for like 7 months now there.... Coincidence much? lol... So we climbed till like 7 and left to go home.... Had the most awesome potato pie for dinner and they sended me home at around 8 something....

I have learned I thing which I'm gonna believe in now which is
"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return"

That's all for now..


Saturday, July 18, 2009


Well I am back with another blog.. I know I keep putting up a new blog and ended up not updating which leads to deletion of blog! But those days are over.. I will update my blog as often as possible(thats if I've got the time)... Lol....

Btw, this blog is gonna be all about fashion, food, lifestyle, my personal life, movie reviews, book reviews and maybe music video... So keep on the look out for updates and I promise you wont be disappointed..

Anyway, will update the first official post later today as am watching ANTM Cycle 11 fiesta on Channel [V]... So hasta lavista people...

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return -

~Emmett Galleria Granaldi~
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