Friday, November 20, 2009


yeap.....just as my title states..thats what I am doing at home..I was being backed out by a few friends...*no names mentioned here*...sad...

Monday, November 16, 2009

::FLY FM 4th FLYNIVESSARY Presented by MAGNUM Corporation::

14 November 2009, Central Park Avenue, One Utama - Witnessed the most exhilarating of the year. This year's Fly Fm 4th Flynivessary was all about the music, local acts, food and drinks and not to mention getting wet! I want to give a big thanks to Sanjay's awesome dad for fetching us to 1 Utama and fetching me back home after that. What would I do without you.

Anyway, the whole thing started when I got those VIP tickets from Steve to the event. I was like OMG!Are you for real? And then, I kept trembling and shaking and my mind was absolutely out of focus. LOL. Anyhoo, we reached there about 1 something in the noon. Wanted to catch a movie but the tickets were sold out and so all hungry and all, we decided to go look for food!:D

And so while deciding what to have, Sanjay came up with an idea to have Nando's. Being so sick of chicken (had Kenny Roger's on the day before for lunch), I suggested Dave's Deli. And so the arguement for food came to a halt after agree-ing for sushi (which I had it for dinner the night before as well). But being a sushi lover, I agreed. I pratically could memorized the menu that I wanted. lol.

After all that, we headed to the registration counter for the VIP invites @ about 3.45pm. Got the tickets and hanged out for the outdoor live broadcast for Fly FM. It was awesome because we managed to catch a few local acts before they hit the stage. Met Bittersweet, Joe Flizzow and the Fly FM DJ's including Premo Supremo, Adam Boy, Ben and the troppers like Vick and also others. The only thing that was bad about that day was it was raining. Thank GOD to VIP Tent or we'll be drench in the rain as well.

The concert kicked off with a duo band called Couple. They were a good start for the event. And despite the rain over 30,000 people turned up and partied in the rain. Everyone except the VVIP's and the VIP's of course was soaked to their bones.

I would love to continue this post but I am currently not at my own residence or comfort to do so. Will continue when I get back! Stay tune!=D

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

::End of the road::

Sometimes, I really wish I wasn't born this way. Or even born to this family. But I can't change what has happened and I definitely can't fight fate. I've always envied most of my friends and other people because they have such nice family and they get what they want. As for me, my parents divorced when I was 2 perhaps? I can't even remember. I was brought up by my stepfather who I originally thought was my dad until the age of 6. I was then brought back to the hands of my grandparents who took care of me. They sent me to a very decent family to live with.

Now whenever I think or look back to my past, I am very grateful that I was brought up with this foster family. Anyway, back to the top. I was being brought up with this foster family of mine who took me as their son. I later found out about my biological father when I was 8. Since then I loathed him so damn much! I was brought up being fully aware that my grnadmother was the one who was financially supporting me in every aspect. Not a single penny from my dad nor my mum. So as I grew, I turned to be more mature thinking at a very young age.

Now I suffer from whatever they did. I am financially unstable. That is why I havent started college. I may act like I have it all but reality is that I dont. That was why I came out to work saying that I want to gain experience. Well all that aside now. I am gonna start looking around for college and sponsors soon. So pray hard for me.

Signing off now..

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Is this how I'm suppose to feel?
Was this how I wanted it to be?
Am I on the right track?
It surely doesnt seem like the first time..
Maybe I'm thinking to much..
Maybe I'm not..
Maybe I'm just some f*cked up kid..
Why is this happening to me again?
Maybe this will be the end?
Maybe it will continue?
I really don't know how to do this anymore...
I'm Sorry...
~le siento mi amore~

Saturday, November 7, 2009

::Thinking of you::

Cause when I'm with him I am thinking of you..
What will you do, If
You were the one who was spending the night
I wish I was looking into your eyes...

Monday, November 2, 2009

::I put a spell on you...and now you're mine::

Hey there peeps.. Extremely sorry that I've been away for a very very very long time.. Its all due to my laptop crashing and also the bloody streamyx line which was quite f*cked up! Anyways, just bear with me for a little longer until I get things fix. Happy Halloween!! And thanks guys! I love you all!!!
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