Saturday, March 6, 2010

::Whatta Ya Want From Me::

It's our 1st month and we aren't even spending time together.. Not only that you lied to me about calling me. We haven't spent any big day together and you'll be gone soon. How am I gonna stay strong for the 6 months when you're not securing me with the feeling? Not Valentine's day, Not Chinese New Year and now Not even our 1st month! I just feel depressed. I don't know. Not seeing you for a week has already have this much effect on me. How am I gonna survive the next six months?


On the contrary, I've now got so much on my mind. Like signing up for college. Getting a new place so that I wouldnt have to travel far to college. Find a way to pay for college. Getting a part time job to pay my debts. Working harder on cheerleading to show them I've got it in me. To train my CHEERIOS hard and making sure we'll at least place best new comer's this year. I feel like exploding any moment soon.

Am down with a fever and headache.

Signing off,
Kenny Jaewon Jr Phyllis

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